Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Cevdet İnci Education Foundation


Cevdet İnci Education Foundation was established in 1985 by the late Cevdet İnci with the principle of "Supporting Education, Serving the Future" to contribute to the educational efforts of our country to reach the level of contemporary civilization.  


 In the early years, it focused on giving scholarships to students of all ages, especially in the Aegean Region, as well as permanent works such as building dormitories, schools, and educational facilities. Today, in addition to these activities, it also carries out education, incentive and networking

programs that vary by age and focus groups.  


Cevdet İnci Education Foundation Economic Enterprise

In collaboration with İnci Academy, it organizes training activities

based on the needs of organizations and provides qualified training for

industrial organizations and private sector employees.

Souvenirs and presents prepared for special occasions and various crops grown by experts with Good Agriculture practices in the 100-acre gardens in Aydın Sultanhisar donated by the deceased Cevdet İnci to the İnci Foundation

are sold at the Virtual Shop at

İAll income generated from the Economic Enterprise is transferred to the scholarship fund of the İnci Foundation.


 You can donate to all programs of İnci Foundation at and contribute to education by purchasing the cards designed for special occasions.
İnci Foundation is one of the tax-exempt foundations and thus,

donations up to 5% of the annual income are tax exempt.

Cevdet İnci Education Foundation

İnci Academy

İnci Holding regards education and improvement as one of the key supporters of the business world and believes in investing

in education for sustainable success.

İnci Academy's vision is to become a corporate academy by contributing to the development of not only its employees, but also the business world

and the growth of companies.

The main course titles of İnci Academy are:

  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Technical issues

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İnci Academy