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About Us

Innovative Investments Today For The Future World

İnci Holding, whose foundations were laid by Cevdet İnci in 1952, today operates in the fields of service, technology and social responsibility, as well as its main business line, the automotive supply industry.  Displaying a continuous growth trend for the last 10 years, İnci Holding is an important supplier of the automotive supply industry with its battery and wheel production, and a reliable business partner of the world's giant companies in the industry. İnci Group exports 60 percent of its products to more than 100 countries with its 3,000 employees and 11 companies. İnci Group has 3 companies on the TİM 1000 list and 3 companies on the ISO 500 list. İnci Holding, a family company managed with corporate governance principles, continues its continuous development with its contributions to the Turkish economy.

Innovative Investments Today For The Future World

Our Founder Cevdet İnci

Change and development, the most fundamental

tendencies of nature, have also shaped my life philosophy.


It was the dynamic structure of the wheel which illuminated my path. I started out selling tyres, moved into wheel manufacture and other sub-industry products in the automotive sector as I ascended the steps to the peak I enjoyed in my professional life.


I always loved working. My father’s ‘If you don’t know how to do something, you can’t tell others to do it,’

served as my guide to learn something new every day.


I am proud of my family and all my colleagues; without them, this group could not have been built. I am convinced that

the torch which symbolises our unity will never go out.


I would like to extend my thanks to all for

their contributions to bringing our group to where it is today.


Cevdet İnci

Founder, İnci Holding (1922 - 2004)

Our Founder Cevdet İnci

President's Message

Dear Stakeholders, 


As Inci Holding, as we state in our vision, we continue to transfer the company value to new generations by multiplying the company value with international investments in the business areas of the future. 


Today, we create value with 11 companies, 9 factories, and 3,200 employees within the body of our holding which was founded by my dear deceased grandfather Cevdet Inci in 1952. We export 60 percent of our production to more than 100 countries on 6 continents. We are proud to contribute to the Turkish economy with our investments, the strong global partnerships we have established in 36 years, and the employment we have provided to many people. 


We operate in 4 main branches of activity, mainly automotive supply industry, service, technology, and social responsibility.  


We produce over 10 million rims in 5 factories where we currently operate with our Maxion Inci and Maxion Jantas companies in the automotive supply industry. Our company, which is an export leader in its sector, continues to develop rapidly with the goal of transforming all its factories into smart factories by 2030.  


With Inci GS Yuasa, we play an active role in the development of today's and tomorrow's energy storage technologies. Today, we export to more than 80 countries on 6 continents. 


We offer logistics, project transportation, and supply chain solutions worldwide with our Yusen Inci Logistics company. ISM Minibar, which is engaged in the production of hotel equipment, has become an important company whose products we export to more than 56 countries on 5 continents. We diversify Incitas's portfolio, which offers various value-added services, including renewable energy. We have introduced our company AZKarbon, an online vertical marketplace that offers products and services that will ensure energy efficiency, in 2023 with an innovative perspective.  


We have made 9 different investments in 5 years with our Vinci Venture capital company, of which we are a strategic investor in our technology focus. We have gained experience in investing in early-stage technology companies in a wide range of geographies, including Turkiye, the UK, Germany, and Singapore. 


With Cevdet Inci Education Foundation, we have supported students of all ages with our education and incentive programs. With the Young Inci Program, we have shared the dreams of more than 100 young people.  


We continue to touch all areas of life with our employment, production and export power, innovation, and social investments. We wholeheartedly believe that sustainability is an indispensable value and a legacy that needs to be passed down from generation to generation. In our sustainability journey, we have determined a 50 percent carbon reduction target in 2030 compared to 2018, our reference year. 


We attach great importance to our digitalization and sustainability agendas in our existing partnerships and subsidiaries. With our experience in the field of corporate entrepreneurship, we are preparing for the coming period with more courageous global projects.  


We will continue to make investments with our technology focus for tomorrow's world.  

President's Message

Our Board Of Directors

Cihan Elbirlik Cihan Elbirlik President
Perihan İnci Perihan İnci Member of the Board
Neşe Gök Neşe Gök Member of the Board
Erkut Uludağ Erkut Uludağ Member of the Board
Haluk Kaya Haluk Kaya Advisor Board Member
Şelale Zaim Gorton Şelale Zaim Gorton Member of the Board
Zeki Şafak Ozan Zeki Şafak Ozan CEO and Member of the Board