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Celebrating its 70th anniversary, İnci Holding continues to add value to the future

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, İnci Holding continues to add value to the future

17 Ekim 2022

Inci Holding, one of the well-established companies of our country, continues to create value for the Turkish economy in its 70th anniversary. The members of İnci Holding Board of Directors came together with the press at the meeting they held at BonVivant and conveyed the developments in the Holding and Holding companies.


Maxion İnci Wheel Group, one of the pioneers of the Turkish automotive supply industry, commissioned its 5th factory and pushed the button for its 6th factory, while İnci GS Yuasa made a technology transfer move. The holding's venture capital fund Vinci made green hydrogen investment as its eighth investment. The Holding also supports future generations with its social impact projects led by the İnci Foundation.


Having left behind 70 years of success, İnci Holding exports 60% of its production to over 100 countries in 6 continents with its 9 companies and 3 thousand employees; It continues to create value for the Turkish economy. The Holding is involved in the automotive supply industry with Maxion İnci, Maxion Jantaş, which manufactures wheels, and İnci GS Yuasa, which manufactures batteries. There are Yusen İnci Logistics, which provides logistics services in the service sector, ISM Minibar, which produces hotel equipment, and İncitaş, which hosts various value-added services; It is present in the world of technology and entrepreneurship with Vinci Private Equity. The İnci Foundation within the body of the holding and İnci Academy, which was established under the foundation, carries out social responsibility projects, mainly in education.

Inci Holding, which has been strengthened by establishing global partnerships in the last 35 years and showing a continuous growth trend for 10 years, is decisively moving forward as an important supplier of the automotive supply industry and reliable business partner of the world's giant companies in the sector with its battery and wheel production. Determining this year's social message as "We add value to the future with our 70-year story," İnci Holding met with the press and shared the latest developments in its 70-year success story.


"roots" that bind to the past, "seeds" that bind to the future


Making the opening speech at the meeting, İnci Holding Chairman of the Board Neşe Gök, referring to this year's social messages, said: “Our İnci Holding, which my grandfather Cevdet İnci planted with his dreams and planted with his passion and determination, has become a 70-year-old big plane tree this year. From now on, our goal will be to grow our plane tree, whose roots are tightly tied to its soil, and to sprout new seeds from it. In other words, we will add value to the future with the power we get from our past! The 'roots' that bind us to our past and the 'seeds' that bind us to the future are very precious to us."


Year-round celebrations for the 70th anniversary


Based on this understanding, İnci Holding's 70th anniversary celebrations were discussed under the main theme of "Roots and seeds" throughout the year, under the titles of Respect for Masters, Art, Education and Nature.


As part of Respect to Masters, interviews with senior employees recording their experiences and memories were broadcast on İnci Holding Youtube channel. Under the title of Respect for Art, İnci Foundation Children's Orchestra met with İnci Holding employees in factories and offices and gave concerts. Moreover


A public April 23 concert was held with the participation of the group employees. As every year, İZDSO and İKSEV collaborations continued this year as well. A mural work was also done to commemorate the 70th anniversary. Within the scope of Respect for Education, group employees voluntarily participated in the “International Marathon İzmir Race” event to support İnci Foundation activities and contributed to education with the donations they collected. As part of the Respect for Nature activities, İnci Holding, in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation, planted saplings in the 70th Year Forest and took action to complete the number of saplings planted so far to 100,000. Also for a cleaner world; Together with the Group Companies, they started the #70Yıl70DoğaHareketi, where they voluntarily clean nature.


İnci Holding will publish its first Sustainability Report in 2022


Inci Holding, which will publish its first Sustainability Report in 2022, has set a carbon reduction target of 50% in 2030 compared to 2018, the reference year. It has determined carbon reduction action plans for each company in line with the targets set until 2030 with all group companies in the journey of decarbonization.


With the awareness of "Transferring to New Generations", which is a part of İnci Holding's vision, four strategies determine the main lines of the sustainability journey. Actions continue to be taken for focus areas under each of the strategies determined as investing in people and society for new generations, investing in responsible production and consumption, investing in innovation and investing in institutionalization.


New investments in Maxion İnci Wheel Group


At the meeting, prominent developments in the Group companies were also conveyed. Maxion İnci Wheel Group, one of the pioneers of the Turkish automotive supply industry, commissioned its 5th Factory, which it laid the foundations for in 2019 to produce sheet metal wheels for heavy and commercial vehicles; has pressed the button for its 6th factory, which will produce forged aluminum truck wheels. Maxion İnci Wheel Group aims to be the only reliable solution partner of its customers in commercial vehicle wheels with its completed product portfolio.


Technology breakthrough from İnci GS Yuasa


In the partnership structure of İnci GS Yuasa, which operates in the battery sector in partnership with İnci Holding and GS Yuasa, the use of lithium-ion batteries, which are increasingly used in the world and which has a critical place in the development of electric vehicles, and which is a rapidly developing trend in traction applications, which İnci GS Yuasa focuses on, A share transfer has taken place that will benefit from its rights.


clean energy investment


In this period, İnci Holding continued to evaluate new investment opportunities in the fields of energy storage, automotive technologies, mobility and industry 4.0, which could create synergies with its existing fields of activity. In this context, Vinci Private Equity, of which İnci Holding is a strategic investor, made the Singapore-based green hydrogen venture SunGreenH2 as its eighth investment. Focusing on producing affordable green hydrogen, SunGreenH2 aims to reduce hydrogen prices in the long run by enabling mass production of electrolyzers with its advanced technology.


İnci Foundation prepares children and youth for the future


Established in 1985 to contribute to our country's efforts to reach the level of modern civilization in education, Cevdet İnci Education Foundation, with its scholarships, trainings, incentives, networking throughout the year.

He led İnci Holding's social impact efforts with projects that support young people's skills and strengthen them socially.


The Foundation organized two Arduino Trainer Trainings for young people, basic level and advanced level, which will contribute to the United Nations' goal of quality education and reduction of inequalities, one of the sustainable development goals. Students who have completed both trainings will be the volunteer trainers of the Foundation within the scope of the Code Pearl Program, and they will teach the students in the coding classes to be opened in different regions of İzmir. Similarly, the Foundation launched the Robotic Coding Workshop project to equip young people with 21st century skills. In this context, the trainings of about 20 instructor candidates selected among young people who are curious about STEM and Lego have started.


In addition, the İnci Foundation Children's Orchestra, which was established in December 2015 by the foundation for children aged 7-18 living in areas with limited opportunities in İzmir, to grow together with culture and art, continued its activities and concerts throughout the year.

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